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COVID-19 Meal Relief

COVID-19 Meal Relief

Here you can read what Something Different Grill is doing to help their communities during this time.

Many people have lost their jobs and we do not know how long that will be, how worse it may get or when the government will help.

With so many questions people need help now and they need that help to be safe.

Something Different Grill is launching a way that those not seriously affected by this crisis can help those that that the economic shut down is having a major impact.  This is only for our local communities that have lost their job, cannot afford expensive meals, cannot even get to the grocery store, who had to stop working because of school shutdowns or day care facilities close.

How do we help them feed their families and their children?

Right now, we are heavily discounting 4 menu items.  This includes our Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Spaghetti with Meatsauce, Chicken Alfredo and our Create your own Spud.  These meals are healthy, filling and delicious.  These are the only meals we are using in this donation.

We are not offering drinks, specialty items, expensive items, just a healthy, filling meal.

How can you help?



Go to the link at the bottom of this page.  We are only charging $4 for the meals mentioned above.  By a gift card in $4 increments.  4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 etc. or just buy whatever amount you wish.  When you purchase this gift card, we will use that to buy meals for those who are having a hard time.

How do we determine who is having a hard time?

Lost their job.

No money for food.

Must stay home because of childcare.

Do not have the capability to go in public.

Covid-19 high risk groups-- Elderly, preexisting conditions.

How this helps more than just the people who get the meals?

Through discounting we have eliminated all profit.  We are charging what it takes to buy the food and pay the employees that are working.  Our staff stays employed while helping the community.  That means one less person asking for government assistance, so that others will get access.

What happens if the money is not used?

When this crisis is over, we will be donating the remainder of the money to the local Meals on Wheels program.  Dollar for Dollar.  Not one penny will be held by our company.

How do we know who is helped?

We are working on a graphical display to show everyone how many meals have been collected and how many have been disbursed.  All transactions are done in our point of sale system, and an audit is provided for every transaction. 

What if someone uses it that does not need it?

We are screening every customer by asking specific questions about their hardship.  We are limiting it to 4 meals per family at the most.  In this time, it does take trust that only those who need it are requesting it.  A member of management will be the only people allowed to discount these products.

What if I know someone who needs it?

That is what we prefer.  Just order a gift card using their phone number (cell) or email address and it will automatically go to them, and we do not have anything to do with those donations.  But some people will not know who needs it.

What if our business is forced to close temporarily?

Good question.  Again if the closure is temporaily then when we open, we will still have many people in need and will continue the program.  If we close permantly, then these funds will be seperated and given to local Meals on Wheels program.

How will people who need it know they can order from us?

We will do extensive marketing on Facebook, local chamber sites, who are helping local businesses put out information.  Our current Facebook fans will be asked to share the posts.  And as new ways come up, we hope to post this information.  We also hope that other restaurants follow us and do the same thing.

So this is what you do:

Using the phone number 575-799-6633.  That is my cell phone number.  The screen at the top of the screen shows who you send it to.  Select Phone and enter 575-799-6633 into this box.  The gift card will be given to you via email or phone number when you check out and you can even see the balance that is on the card and all the transactions that have been done.  You will know exactly how much money is on this card and how the money is being used.


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